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trustnewmanscreenshotThis site owner commissioned Your Web Guys to set up a brand web presence for his vision to help arm the masses with information on organizing their finances while also showcasing his other activities.  Our team put together a responsive web design with a content management system that houses a way to easily purchase textbooks he's written; a blog to keep in touch with visitors who turn into followers, customers, and students; an event calendar to show his speaking engagements and events; an upcoming financial academy learning management system; jquery promo slider for broadcasting big or interesting news at the top of his page in vivid color; a photo gallery for easily sharing pictures of events; a video gallery for sharing educational and site-related videos; social media buffer that automatically sends blog posts to his matching Facebook page, matching Google+ page, and matching Twitter page.  His site is packed with a lot of the features Your Web Guys can offer to our customers!

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