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Non profit website design for Wisdom Trail BSA District

Screen capture of the newly designed website for the non profit BSA Wisdom Trail District

The Boy Scouts of America district for southwest Dallas county is the same district that our owner was in when he was a Scout and earned his Eagle rank so it was only fitting that when they needed to update their website they turned to Your-Web-Guys to get it done. We have done many non profit websites in the past, but this one was a great experience.

One of the biggest problems the leaders had with the old site was how difficult it was to update and add information to.  Being a busy organization within one of the largest councils in the entire BSA organization means that they need to be nimble with their information dissemination.  We solved this problem with our standard content management system which will allow them to make announcements and add information to their new site as easily as writing an email.

The new site features responsive web design so that folks can view the same content on multiple devices while on the go.  The site looks great no matter if you are on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop because it re-sizes itself depending on the size of the screen being used to look at it.

We also added an event calendar which will be instantly updated as they add events to their site.  This calendar has the ical protocols integrated into it so that folks with different calendar apps can subscribe to the feed and see new information added to their personal calendar when the district's calendar is updated.  Now their membership, which spans a geographical area from Duncanville to DeSoto to Lancaster and down to Cedar Hill, can all be informed at the click of a button.

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