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A Complete Content Management System, an integrated Calendar, and multiple constant contact style newsletter scripts, this non profit looks like a million bucks - which is actually only a little less than what they have raised for Mansfield ISD Kids.

Update 10-27-12 - New layout

While the old layout was doing just fine, it was getting a bit dated.  They took advantage of our loyalty rewards program, Redo Every 2, and got a new layout for their site at a significantly discounted price.  We were able to completely redesign the look of the site while keeping the same content so they did not loose a thing, except for the old look.

Update 8-28-11 - Custom Grant App Added

The Foundation decided they wanted to do a more open grant program so that members of the community could get a chance to donate anything from a couple of bucks to a huge sum of money.  They needed an app to their CMS that would allow them to not only list each grant and the details (such as cost and teacher info) about it, but also keep track of the amount donated and how much more was needed.  We created a plugin that adds a custom post type to their site that allows them to do just that.  It then gets the donation information from paypal and deducts the amount from the database.  It was exactly what they needed and it didn't cost them an arm and a leg so more of the money they collect can go to where it needs to go - to the kids.

Old Version of Mansfield ISD Foundation's Website

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Quote From the Owner

When the Mansfield ISD Education Foundation needed a fast turn-around and professional service Your-Web-Guys delivered!! Your-Web-Guys helped our foundation design and launch a new and creative way for our parents and community to help us fund more terrific projects and get much needed resources into our classrooms to benefit children! This dynamic addition to our website seemed imposssible at first, but Your-Web-Guys made it a reality and now anyone in our community or the world can donate or contribute towards our innovative teaching grants. We agree that there are many other website design companies out there but we strongly recommend Your-Web-Guys for your website design and implementation.

 Mansfield ISD Foundation
Allen Oliver

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