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With different products and events going on we created a great new website for this tanning lotion company.  With a calendar of events and paypal integration for purchasing their lotions they now have a website that will get them on the internet the way they want to be

Update 12-10-2008 Script Add On

Because of all the clubs and groups they sponsor, they needed a place for everyone to communicate to each other about what is going on with each.  We integrated a separate Bulletin Board script so that everyone will always be on the same page.  you can see it here

Update 1-28-2010 Complete Redesign

This tanning lotion company has a lot going on and this new website gives their clients all the info they need from dynamically created product pages to an integrated, categorized calendar for their bikini, bmx, and dodge ball teams as well as a fully integrated Ad Server and Newsletter.  All of that is rolled into the CMS so there is only one administrative back end for the owners to control the entire website.

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