What are the contract terms?

We all hate to be tied down to a long term contract, especially when we are dealing with the realities of an ever changing business environment. That's why, when we are Your-Web-Guys you don't have to worry about any long term commitments. The agreement you make with us has no time constraints what so ever. We will be Your-Web-Guys as long as you want us to be and not a moment longer. The work we do for you is yours from day one. You can take it to just about any other host out there and have it up and running without much headache at all. Of course it will be more of a headache than it would be if we were still Your-Web-Guys, but we understand that situations change and no matter how our relationship with you ends, we will remain friendly and helpful.

At a glance:

For a quick reference of the highlights in the agreement we put together this bullet list. You can see the specific verbiage by downloading a pdf version of our agreement here.

  • Domain registration in your name
  • 4-5 page website at minimum (dynamic packages have unlimited pages)
  • All basic scripting needed
  • Any and all photography needed
  • First month of hosting
  • Digitization/creation of your company logo
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Market research for traffic generation
  • Customized graphics

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