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10940528_sIndependent sales reps have never had a job opportunity like the one that Your-Web-Guys offers them.  For the longest time, B2B sales people who rep  products and services for the small business owner have not been able to provide a solution to their clients for the one thing that every business needs... a website.  The internet has been the exclusive domain of geeks and graphic designers since the beginning.  Trying to rep for a firm that has no idea how to sell their own product is a problem.  That is not the case when you represent Your-Web-Guys.

What that means to you
This is a lucrative sales opportunity for the self motivated independent rep.  If you have business to business sales experience and are self motivated, then you could make serious money with our system. You will be responsible for qualifying prospects, scheduling appointments, selling the concept, closing the sale and maintaining the client relationship. We will be responsible for delivering and supporting the packages and services you sell. This position can generate a six figure commission for you.


Dallas area PR Firms and marketing companies don't have to worry about breaking the bank with our wholesale priced web design

No Costs to You. This is not MLM or anything weird like that.  It is a real product/services line with a real company in the US.

Dallas area PR Firms and marketing companies dont have to worry about being committed to a long term contract when we do their web design work

High Commissions. Our pay plan is second to none.  You get paid the next day after you collect payment, up to and including $500 per sale.

No worries that the site we design for you will be yours from day one when PR and marketing firms have us do it.

Residual Income. Don't go from hero to zero each month.  Build your income stream with each and every sale with monthly residual payments.

Make sure the website design for your clients has photography included if you are a PR or marketing firm in dallas

Monthly Bonuses. Starting at 10 units sold, you get 4 more until 20 units when your total bonus is $2,800.  There is no ceiling after that.

Domain registration is just part of the design work we do for pr firms and marketing agencies in the dallas area

Marketing Materials. All of the materials you need from business cards to product slicks to brochures are available as needed.

We are business people, not computer geeks.
We have taken the world of web design that was stuck in the early part of last decade and moved it into a process which has specific time frames and easy to understand pricing.  Just like the automobile industry at the turn of the previous century, web design used to be a one-off proposition where each car was made by hand from start to finish by one or a team of technicians.  It took too long and cost too much until Henry Ford invented the assembly line.   That process introduced efficiency and cost savings that were unimaginable under the old system.  While a website cannot be built on an assembly line, we have been able to create an efficient and cost effective process that generates excellent results while keeping costs down.  Now you can take the power of that concept and turn it into cold hard cash for your pocket book.

Built by salesmen for salesmen.
We not only re-imagined the process of making a web site, we took a completely novel approach to selling one too.  Our founder is a life long salesman who represented everything from used cars to security systems and everything in-between.  He took the years of experience he had gained and applied it to a new industry in 2004 when he opened Your-Web-Guys.  Everything from the commission structure to the residual income you will make to our customer service process to the production and the pricing, it has all been designed for one thing... making it easy to sell and easy for you to make big money.

High quality marketing materials for you to use.
Our graphic design department has made everything you need from product slicks to business cards.  Once you have ordered it we will customize it for you and ship it directly to your door within a short period of time.  We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to sell our services and make your bonus.

Easy to use, custom CRM.
We have spent years creating and testing our Client Relationship Management system.  With it, you can interface with the home office easily and efficiently.  That allows you to create quotes, place orders, service your clients, and view your commissions both earned and pending.  It even has prospecting and referral agent tools for you to use if you need them.

Repeat and referral programs.
We know that repeats and referrals are the easiest sales to make, so we have created specific programs to encourage both.  Our referral program is both cumulative and recurring which will get your clients referring their business associates to you like you wouldn't believe.  In addition, we have the Redo Every 2 program, which not only reduces attrition so your residuals stay high, but it also allows you to make money on the redesigns you sell even at the significant discount afforded the client.

Product and prospecting training.
When you decide to represent the packages and services from Your-Web-Guys, we want to make sure you know how everything works.  If you don't know anything about our systems and programs how could you sell them?  We have extensive one on one training for our sales reps available any time online.  You will have a specific trainer who will be on call for you during normal business hours as well as an extensive library of training materials 24 hours a day.

Dont wait!  Become an independent sales rep for Your-Web-Guys Now!

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Very good first impression followed by a clean site and helpful support. Richard continues to be informative and adaptive to our wants and to tend to our needs. I believe in the weeks to follow we’ll meet our goals, then exceed them.

When the site crashed this afternoon (as all websites occasionally do), my phone call was answered outside regular business hours. They were already aware of the problem and were working on it. The site was down for a little over half an hour– not a bad response time imo.

And it has nothing to do with their competence or professionalism, but their office building is very zen

I have worked with several different web design companies just because of the line of work I am in, I can say without a doubt that YourWebGuys is the best! I have been working with them now for well over a year and have never second guessed their ideas, motive for the betterment of the company I work for, nor their pricing!

If I call Richard, he answers directly. And if I do have to leave a message, I get a callback within the day. An email sent to support is answered within hours!

I have learned so much from his team, and look forward to working with them for many more years.

When the Mansfield ISD Education Foundation needed a fast turn-around and professional service Your-Web-Guys delivered!! Your-Web-Guys helped our foundation design and launch a new and creative way for our parents and community to help us fund more terrific projects and get much needed resources into our classrooms to benefit children! This dynamic addition to our website seemed imposssible at first, but Your-Web-Guys made it a reality and now anyone in our community or the world can donate or contribute towards our innovative teaching grants. We agree that there are many other website design companies out there but we strongly recommend Your-Web-Guys for your website design and implementation.

I have found Your-Web-Guys to be professional, creative and very, very accessible when it comes to making sure my website is functioning just as it should. I strongly recommend this company for your website design and implementation.

There are many other website design companies out there and they promise a lot. But after talking with some of them I understood that their objectives did not include taking care of, or focusing on, small business. In contrast to that, I’ve found Your-Web-Guys to be geared to work with small and growing businesses

Ed Harrison

We needed a bold, effective and usable web page that attracted the customers we were seeking for our wedding and events venue. The process was easy and flexible and Your-Web-Guys was outstanding.

They were very knowledgeable and extremely patient. We have used web designers in the past, but Your-Web-Guys will be our designers from now on. And the page was done ON TIME!

Your-Web-Guys carefully listened to our corporation representatives as we discussed every element that we needed to incorporate into a web site. We had used other web designers, but none ever addressed future as well as present needs.

Your-Web-Guys accomplished a very successful design and we were VERY pleased with our experience and the end result.

Love Story Corporation

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