For IT Departments

Outsource your web design work to us so your IT department can do what they were hired to do

Make us Your-Web-Guys and your job gets much easier.Everything you need to be online is handled for you.   Our platforms are easy to use and quick to update.

  • You, or your boss/team can, choose the look of the site from tens of thousands of options in our layout database.
  • We customize it to your specifications so that it is totally unique to your company.
  • We can help you decide what content you need and how you want it displayed.
  • We will set up the domain and the hosting, you don't have to worry about it at all.
  • We will optimize the site for search engine traffic on specific keywords that we research and get approved by you.

We are business people, not computer geeks.
We take a goal oriented approach to the websites we build.  You have probably dealt with a graphic design firm or computer geeks in the past.  You know why each one has their pros and cons.   Graphic designers make beautiful websites that look fantastic, computer geeks build high tech websites that can do amazing things.  Unfortunately neither one ever thinks about meeting you or your clients goals.  You will have a six person team that will make and maintain a website that looks fantastic, functions beautifully, and achieves the goals you need met.


We work with IT Departments under no contract terms when you outsource your web design needs to us

No Contracts. There is absolutely no time commitment*.  We will be your web guys as long as you feel we have earned it.

We hold no copyright to the work we do for your IT department when your web design work is outsourced to us

You own the site. You own the site once we have built it.  We can even give you a CD with your finished site on it for you to keep.

Photography is imperative for a good web design so outsource that work to us rather than your IT department

Photography is included. We have an in house photographer on staff and an extensive stock photo library for anything else that may be needed.

IT Departments can rest assured that the domain is yours and not ours when we do your web design outsourcing work

You own the domain. We will register the domain in your name at no charge, so you or your client owns it with no strings attached.

We won't nickel and dime you to death.
The only thing our prices are plus is tax.  Once you choose the package from our menu of services, the price is locked in, no matter how many pages you need or how many pictures you want or how fancy you want the website to be.  Major scripting additions may be an additional charge, but you will know that ahead of time so there are no surprises.  That means your bids are easier and have a better bottom line.

There's no software for you to purchase.
Everything we do is web based so you can administrate the website or websites from any location that has internet access or even from your smart phone.   Our Content Management System is updated by us any time it is needed and without any additional fees to you.

The website can be ready in 10 business days.
If your client is in a hurry then so are we.  Our expedited time frame is an all out, drop everything to focus on your project kind of a situation.   We will be in constant contact with you to develop everything quickly.  Normally we finish a new site in about 4 to 6 weeks, but with an expedited time table it is done in a fraction of that time and for only a one time fee.

We are always there to help no matter how large or small the website is.
We will never leave you hanging after the site is finished.  We make sure it is online and working right no matter who is viewing it or where they are located.  We are constantly updating our servers and code to make sure all of our websites are running at an optimal level at all times.  If you need help with any of the features we add to your site's administration area we will always be there to support you and your efforts and to guide you toward the best practices in achieving the goals for the site.

*No Contract when the initial investment is paid in full. Not applicable if initial investment is financed. Specific terms and conditions are applicable depending upon which finance package is chosen.

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