Advanced SEO

Our Advanced SEO Package includes all the tools you would get with our Basic SEO Package, plus we will create 10 additional keyword optimized pages, known as "spider food" each month that you continue the service.  This means that while you continue to optimize the content you create when you create it, we will be adding additional content that will directly target keywords that you specify throughout the month.

We will also create an easy to understand report with what we did, how we did it, and the results it produced as well as the plan of action for the next month based on those results for you to see every month.

Remember that a search engine doesn't list web sites, it lists web pages, so the more pages you have on your site the more keywords you can optimize for.  A company who wants to be in the top ten search results for specific towns or counties would get the most benefit from this package.

The Report

Each month we will compile a report for you to see the progress of our efforts.  This report will include the keywords we have optimized for and what results those keywords have provided through analyzing your website's Google Analytics data.  We will also research what keywords are being used by people to find the products and services you provide.  From this analysis we will be able to plan future optimization efforts and provide them for your review.   If you would prefer to target a different set of keywords we will of course adjust our plan of action accordingly.

What is Spider Food?

It is difficult for you to produce content optimized for keywords because you don't think like a search engine, you think like a human.  So we would create them for you and publish them throughout the month at random times.  These pages are not made for human consumption directly, but rather specifically for search engine robots, or "spiders" as they are known... hence "spider food".  However if a human does find them we don't want these pages to be complete gibberish even if they are just spider food.  The pages we produce will be written by a human, not a robot or program, so it will make sense to a human if they find one and there is no risk that any search engine would have a problem with them.

An Example

Lets say you own a carpet cleaning company and you want to be in the top ten search results for several different towns.  Best practices suggest that you should produce pages optimized for keywords that are variations on your service and the city you want to target.  You should then target a different town each month.  Here is an example list of the keywords/phrases you would want to use per page if you were targeting the city of Duncanville one month:

  • Duncnanville carpet cleaning
  • carpet cleaning in Duncanville
  • cleaning carpet in Duncanville
  • Duncanville carpet cleaners
  • carpet cleaning services in Duncanville
  • carpet cleaner reviews in Duncanville
  • professional carpet cleaning Duncanville
  • best carpet cleaner in Duncanville
  • discount Duncanville carpet cleaner
  • best Duncanville carpet cleaning

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