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It’s time to drop the “guru” BS

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Aug-17-2019  |  Comments Off on It’s time to drop the “guru” BS  |   Dallas Web Designer

a "guru" Apple geniuses.  Search engine gurus. Baristas.  Customer service superstars.  Sandwich Artists.  You see them all the time.  The super trendy and tragically hip names for dull normal jobs.  I call them the spit-shined turds of customer service. In ... Read More
You must work with your web designer to get a good web design

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jul-17-2019  |  Be the first to comment  |   Custom Website

There are many industries where you simply pay for a product or service and you get it without much or any input from you.  Obviously, cars and cell phones, but even services like car washes or house cleaning services are ... Read More
What is a web consultant?

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Feb-14-2019  |  Be the first to comment  |   Dallas Web Designer

When navigating the weird world of the geek, many small business owners arent sure if they should talk to a web designer a webmaster or a web developer. They should speak to all of them... and none of them. They should speak with a web consultant who understands all of the disciplines needed for an effective web presence. Read More
Introducing Standard SSL Certs!

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Nov-14-2018  |  Be the first to comment  |   Custom Website

An SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, Certificate is basically a little piece of code that allows the connection between your computer and the server that the website you are visiting to be encrypted as data is transferred between them.  In ... Read More
Do you know your PIN? and how your language impacts your profits

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jan-08-2018  |  Be the first to comment  |   Funny Stuff

The other day I went to a local gas station down the street from my home to get gas as I have done I know not how often.  Found the open pump that was on the same side as my ... Read More