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New version of Russell Feed's Website

This multi-location feed company not only needed a better solution to their content updating needs, but also a way to display their various locations in a custom google map. We set up the normal Content Management System for them, but also integrated a google maps application that shows each of their locations on one page with links to the contact page and turn by turn directions, it is pretty slick!

Update - New Skin


Responsive website design for russell feed

Added a new skin for their content.   Of course this is easy with our system because all the content is preserved and simply wrapped in a new layout so it displays in a more appealing fashion.  For more information about re-skins and how our clients qualify for discounts every two years they stay with us, take a look at our Redo Every 2 Loyalty Rewards program.  What is really cool about this particular re-skin is that we were able to make it responsive.  With responsive web design we can make your website not only display properly on any device from big screen monitors to tablets to smart phones, but we are also still able to offer the full sized, desktop version of the site if the user wants to see it that way on their smaller screened device.  So it is a mobile version, a tablet version, and a full sized version all in one without a bunch of different settings to deal with on our clients part.  Pretty Slick!

Old Version of Russell Feed's Website

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