Can I get a non template site?

Absolutely... but not from us. We specialize in low cost, high value web solutions for small businesses and we have never found a cost effective way to create and maintain a web presence from scratch. If you have the funds and prefer to have a unique website for your business then we are not the company you want.  It is very rare that we run across a company that needs a from scratch website because our design layout database is so comprehensive.  In addition, our customization process is so complete that after we are done with it, your website will be almost 100% unique.  In other words, if you cannot find a layout in our database that suits your fancy then your fancy is just too fanciful.

Are there any web designers you recommend that will do it?

There are many design firms out there, however it is difficult for us to recommend any of them because we cannot justify the fees they charge. To us they are all over priced and under developed, but we are a bit biased 😉

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