Can I update my site myself?

Of course!

One of the most important things you can do for your online marketing efforts is to update your website on an ongoing basis.  Search engines place a premium on updates and how often new content is added.  To make this process easy, we typically integrate your website with a content management system or CMS.  Our customized CMS is designed so that you can update it easily and without any "geek knowledge" of code or the like.  It is set up so that all you have to do is type.  Everything else; such as navigation links, design elements, and other minutiae are done for you... automatically.  There are several tutorials on how to add content to your website in the CMS tutorials section of our FAQ page.

Sometimes though, there are changes that need to be made to your website that will take more than just typing.  When that is the case, we are always there to make those updates for you.  We never want you to be left out in the cold and scary world of the geeks.  The good news is that with our CMS we can usually make changes and add new functionality without ever charging you an additional fee.  It depends on the level of the addition though, so take a look at our Idea Center to see some of the options and which would be an additional fee.

How quickly do you make the changes I request?

There is almost always one of us online keeping an eye on the service requests admin so we will update you with when the changes will be made almost instantaneously. The speed of when the actual changes will be made will depend upon workload, day of the week, level of difficulty of the request, and other factors but usually they will be finished within 24 hours.  You can follow the progress of any support tickets you create through your client control panel

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