How to Make Your-Web-Guys Administrators of Your Google+ Page

When you have us customize or manage your Google+ business page we will need administrative access to it.  However, we don’t want to have your password for obvious security reasons. Google has created a process where you can assign multiple administrators to your page.  Here is how you assign Your-Web-Guys administrative access:

  • Login to Google+ by clicking here
  • Access your page management options by selecting Pages from the Google+ main navigation (the drop down menu just under the Google+ logo in the upper left corner of your browser window)
  • Click on the blue button that says Manage this Page
  • You are now using Google+ as that page.  Click the main navigation menu again and select Settings
  • You should see four tabs across the top, just below the search bar; Settings, Connected Services, For your site, and Managers
  • Click Managers to bring up a list of your managers
  • Click Add manager, enter , and click Invite.

That should be it!  We will be notified of the invitation and complete the needed steps

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