What colors should I use on my website/logo/marketing?

This is a question we get quite often, and while it seems simple enough to answer, it is actually quite a complex subject.  You can find all kinds of advice out there on what colors to use when and to evoke which emotion.  Problem is that everyone perceives colors differently depending on their personal experience, the context the colors are used in, and other factors which range from the mood of the person viewing it to the weather outside.  So in a nutshell there are no standard rules regarding colors and marketing.

We did find an excellent article that we re-blogged on our site which goes into exquisite detail about all the nuances and specifics when it comes to color schemes and how to market with them.  Read the post here.

When you have a general idea of how you want to proceed there is an excellent tool that we suggest you use to make sure the colors you choose complement each other mathematically. Yes there is a way to use math to make sure your colors look good together and do not clash with each other.  Paletton.com allows you to play with the colors algorithmically through an easy to use interface based on a simple color wheel.  Click and drag the wheel to see your changes in real time.  Once you have a color pallet you like for your website, you simply click share it and enter the email [email protected] - we will take it from there.

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