What do you mean by “market research for traffic generation”?

Part of it is SEO while the other is getting traffic from other sources. One of the biggest reasons to get a website for your business is to gain new clients and open up new demographics. One of the ways to do this is through online market research - finding similar sites to trade links with, getting listed on directories which cater to surfers who are looking for services you offer, etc... We do all that for you at no additional charge. The other way you can gain grater market share is to place high in search engines for popular terms, which is known as search engine optimization or SEO. We research various search engines to see what terms are the most searched for relating to your business and optimize your pages to rank highly when anyone searches for them. The only time we charge for this kind of SEO is if you want to re-optimize your site with new terms or new techniques. We will even tell you if we think that you would benefit from our re-optimizing before we charge you for it.

Of  course if you need more help with your search engine optimization then we can add content to your site monthly that is specifically designed to get you more traffic from search engines.  Take a look at our Search Engine Optimization Services for more details

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