What’s the Monthly Fee?

$79.95 which is standard for every package. We don't nickel and dime you to death because we know you want a single number which will not fluctuate from month to month depending upon who knows what.  Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are additional monthly fees, but they are optional and in addition to the standard $79.95 per month.

What does it include?

Hosting, maintenance, support, updates, etc.  Just about anything you need on a daily basis will be included in the monthly fee.   We don't charge for bandwidth or for disk space on our servers, we have plenty of room and when we run out we will get more. Don't worry about surprise charges. The only time that monthly invoice will show something different from $59.95 is when you ask us to change it.

However if you request additional services, there are additional fees.  You can get an idea of what they would be in our industry leading Idea Center

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