Why do you use templates?

We actually don't, depending on your definition of "template".  We use 3 party design layouts because they are fast, inexpensive, and of far better quality than anything we could come up with from scratch. Far too often we see web design firms denigrating the use of templates. They imply that template based websites are somehow inferior to their totally custom designs.  They are not wrong... a template based website such as what you get from intuit or website tonight is certainly not what you want... nor is it what Your-Web-Guys do. However if they think that what we do is the same as that then they are absolutely wrong. It is very rare to find a design firm which produces a completely custom product at a price anywhere near the rates we can offer because most of the work is already done. The labor you pay is almost non-existent because of the speed with which we can have a template customized compared to how long it takes someone to make everything from scratch.

Isn't it better to have a totally original site?

Sure, if the two were of the same caliber design. Unfortunately it is very cost prohibitive to get an original design of the same quality and professional level of a design layout from our database. Original designs of the same quality of the layouts we use cost literally two to three thousand dollars, if not more. Why would you want to pay that amount of money when you can get a design of the same quality at a fraction of the cost. The only drawback is that a couple other companies may have similar site designs. That doesn't mean your site will be the same as anyone else's though. Quite the contrary. While working with you, our customization process will make your site totally unique and indistinguishable from the few other companies' sites which are made from the same layout.  And we never use the same layout for two of our clients.

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