What is a TLD?

A Top Level Domain or TLD is basically what comes after the dot in a website domain name.  So for Your-Web-Guys.com the TLD is .com.  Initially there were basically three TLD's available for folks to register domains on.  They were .com .net and .org.  Dot org domains were reserved for non profits, but that is no longer the case, anyone can register a .org domain name.  Indeed, because of the explosive growth of the internet, TLD's have now expanded to many others such as .info .name .mobi .me .co .biz and many more.

Not sure which TLD you should register?

We still generally suggest you find a .com for your domain, but there are many other TLD's to choose from if you cannot compromise on the specific domain you want.  In other words if your company name is Your Web Guys but the domain yourwebguys.com is taken (which it was when we first opened for business) it is better to choose a hyphenated .com such as Your-Web-Guys.com rather than yourwebguys.biz or dot info.  However, if you would also like to have a second domain for your website that is completely do-able.  For instance, we have two domains that will get you to our website, both Your-Web-Guys.com and YourWebGuys.net will get you to the same place

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