How To Update The Cloudflare CDN Cache

Some (and soon all) sites that Your-Web-Guys host have much of their content served through a CDN.  CDN stands for Content Delivery Network.  From the cloudflare website

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content.

A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. The popularity of CDN services continues to grow, and today the majority of web traffic is served through CDNs, including traffic from major sites like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.

If you have ever wondered why websites like Facebook and Amazon load so quickly, its because they have much more money than you 🙂   But also because they use CDN's and now Your-Web-Guys Clients do too... at no additional charge.

Only problem is that a Cache of your website is saved on the CDN so that it can be delivered quickly.  That means that if you make an update to your website, and the cache is not updated at the same time, then you wont see those changes right away.

We have a solution for this.

There is a plugin that we use that integrates with Cloudflare's API that automatically updates the cache whenever you update your website.  If you see the information shown in the screenshot to the right then your website has been updated with this fix and it should be working automatically.  You can see this screen in your website admin area by clicking on Settings > Cloudflare as indicated by the purple arrows.

If you are still not seeing the updates you make then there is a possibility that the API is having trouble at that specific moment.  Odds are it will pass and in a few hours you will see the updates.  If that is not soon enough, send us a support request by logging into your Client Control Panel or simply sending an email to [email protected] and we will manually clear the cache for you

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