Optimizing media for search engines

Because keyword density is so important to get right (you dont want too much but you also dont want too little) you need to use every opportunity to add keywords without looking spammy.  One great way to do that is through media on your post or page.  Hopefully you have already reviewed, or are familiar with adding and editing media to your content.  In addition to the normal way of adding an image, you want to follow these additional steps to ensure your image(s) are correctly optimized with the keyword you have determined for your update and that you have optimized the update for.

Step one, find an image that matches your content.

Simply doing a search in google images for the keyword you are using and downloading someone else's image to use isn't a great idea, although it probably wont be a big issue if you decide to (we just didn't tell you to do it).  The better idea is to find a royalty free stock photography supplier where you can find the image you need and purchase the rights to it pretty inexpensively.  We recommend 123rf.com as the smallest image size they provide, which is all you need for this kind of thing, is only about a dollar.

Step two, adding it to your content

The normal process of uploading an image to be used in the update is fine, just dont complete the process until you have finished the next step.  Select a spot near the top or even multiple places for additional images if your content is long enough.

Step three, optimizing it to suit your keyword

once you have uploaded the image, make the following modifications in the attachment details panel on the right side of your screen:

  • Title: Edit this to have your keyphrase/word in it.  Very few people will see this content, but googlebot certainly will.
    i.e. Dental Waiting Room in our Dallas Office
  • Caption: This will show up under the image on the web page you are creating.  Keep it readable, but try to include the keyphrase again in another order
    i.e. View of our Dallas office waiting room in our dental practice.
  • Alt Text: This is for things that don't have sight.  I say things, because googlebot and other search engine robots can't see.  All they can do is gather data and a bunch of pixels don't look like a picture to a robot... they are just a bunch of pixels.  So the alt tag is a great place to add another instance of keywords into your update.  Just another sentence with the phrase in it rearranged just like before.  This one can be seen by people, but not as obviously as the caption.
    i.e. Image of dallas dentist office waiting room


Now, insert the image just like you would normally.

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