Scheduling your SEO cadence

Because search engines need your content more than anything else, the various algorithms that they use all have one thing in common... they all want new content added on an ongoing basis.  To make sure you provide the content they want in a routine fashion we suggest two things;

#1 create an editorial calendar

Having a plan to target specific keywords/phrases on a regular basis is key.  Using one of the templates below, you can create an editorial calendar that will help keep your plan organized and on target.  Your editorial calendar should include simple information about each of these projects:

  • Title or description of the content
  • Links to supporting documents, like content briefs
  • Author or writer
  • Deadline
  • Channels you will promote it on (don't forget, search engine optimization goes hand in glove with social media)


The following is a very basic template of an editorial calendar which we got from this article on the Hootsuite Blog. You should add columns or rows as required.

#2 Pre Post your updates

Using your editorial calendar does not have to be a day to day thing.  You can create it, then schedule the updates you write to be published automatically on a future date through your website.  If you have opted to have our social media setup done as well, then your social media platforms will also get the update over time.  Here is how you do it:

  • Create and optimize a blog post as usual, but dont click on the blue publish button
  • just above the blue publish button you will see a calendar icon with the words [Publish immediately] and an edit link next to it.  Click on the edit link
  • this will reveal date and time fields that you can edit to your liking.  Set the date into the future and click okay
  • that will change the publish button into a schedule button.  Click on it and your post will go out automatically at the time and date you specified.


You can create and schedule your entire month, quarter or even year of updates all at one time using this technique.  Then you simply do what you do best... build your business while your website published updates to get the search engines attention.

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