Adding and Editing Media

You can add media including images, videos, and even pdf documents to any page or post of your website. Once you have added the item you can go back and change the way it is being displayed if you prefer.  Here are step by step instructions for doing both;

  • Make sure you are logged in to your admin area. Click here if you are not sure how to do this.
  • Navigate to the page or post you want to add media to by clicking on the title from the post or pages list.
  • To add an image to a post or a page.
    • Place your cursor where you want the image to be displayed.
    • Just above the main content area is a button that says "Add Media" click on it
    • This will bring up the add media dialog box.  Here you can upload new images from your hard drive by drag and drop or by selecting it manually.  You can also select from images already uploaded in your media library.
    • Once you have selected or uploaded the image or other file you want displayed new information will show up on the right side of the add media box, these are the settings you need to work with
      • Title: This is the title of the image in the database, you can edit it but it is not necessary to change what is added automatically by the system
      • Caption: this is exactly what you think of as a caption in a magazine.  The text you add here will appear below where the image is displayed on the page
      • Alt Text: For Search Engine Optimization you will want to put a sentence describing the picture with the keyphrase you are targeting in it.
      • Description: This is for internal use so you can search your media library, it is not required.
      • Media Tags: This is also for use in your media library, not required.
      • Media Picker: Ignore this
      • Attachment Display Settings
        • Alignment: select the option for you want your image aligned.  None will simply display the image in line with the text and is typically not the best way.  Select left or right most of the time for the best aesthetic appeal.
        • Link To: This is where you put the web address of the image or page you want to open when this picture is clicked on.  Typically you will use none or media file. You might want to put a custom url in the field below, but this is not often used.  Never use attachment page.
        • Size: The system will re-size each image uploaded three different sizes minimum.  In this drop down box you will see the name of the size and the pixel dimensions.  You can select any option, however most of the time the medium size will be the best.  Thumbnail crops the image and is mostly used in image galleries.  Large and Full sized are typically too large for most pages, but feel free to use them if you like.
    • Once you are happy with those settings, click the insert button below and your image should be added to the page as you indicated.
  • To edit an image you have already added
    • Click on the image you want to edit, then click on the edit button that appears
    • When you do the edit image dialog box will appear
    • The settings are similar to the add media dialog box in the previous section.
  • To delete an image you have already added
    • Simply click on the image and click the delete button that appears.
    • DO NOT use the delete button on your keyboard.  This will leave extraneous code and should be avoided


If you have any trouble with this process, please send us a support email we are always happy to help.

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