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While your products might look fine on the shelf at your store, they probably aren't quite ready for their close up.  Price tags, fingerprints, packaging, and other minor blemishes can make a product look less than it can look through the camera lens.  Follow these guidelines to make sure you get the best images of your products:

  • Remove all packaging including any wrapping or other padding unless the packaging is what you want shot.  Keep in mind that the packaging is rarely something you want shot.  Please do not expect us to unpackage and then repackage your products.  We don't have the knowledge of your products like you do to do them justice.
  • Remove any price tags or better yet, if possible, provide products which have not ever had price tags affixed to them as the adhesive can cause a blemish in the image.
  • Bring any background items you would like included

    While we will do limited prep on small products and food items large products such as automobiles or industrial equipment will need to be cleaned before your session.
  • Any imperfections in the product will be amplified by the camera.  Make sure the products you provide to be shot are as perfect as possible to get the best results.
  • Make sure to provide any background items you would like in the shots unless a plain background known as high-key is preferred.  For example, the fruit and other dishes in the background if this image.  An example of a high-key image is below.

Example of High-Key product photography


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A website consists of several elements.  One of the most important one is the photographs that are used in conjunction with the other content on the site.  If we did not include photography in our design packages then we would be neglecting a huge part of your web design.  Because of that we provide photography in two forms.

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If you don't need any specific photographs to complete your website (such as head shots or product/location shots) then stock photography may be the best bet for you.  Any stock photos you choose from our Stock Photo Center will be included in the cost of whichever package you choose.  If you find an image through a different provider then you may be required to purchase it directly for us to use, it depends on the image.

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More than anything else... relax.  Think about what parts of your website need photography and what specifically you want shot.  Schedule the shoot by sending a request to [email protected] and we will work with you on the best time to do it.

Here are some tips for different types of photos we might do for you:

  • Head-shots or group shots of your employees: take a look at this blog post for some good information.
  • Shots of your location/building : make sure the landscaping is done and the exterior is power washed before the shoot.  Also make sure the parking lot, if visible, looks the way you would want it to.  If you want no cars in front of your building, make sure you block off the spots before we get there to ensure a quick turn around.
  • Product shots: just drop them off to us and we will take care of everything - you don't have to worry about a thing.
  • Photography at an event to put on your site: send an email to [email protected] to make sure we get it scheduled.

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