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No problem at all. We can add just about any script or software plug-in you can find for your web site. Our servers have just about every back end program needed to run almost any script out there. There is a nominal one time fee depending upon which type of script you may need.  See a list of the scripts we have worked with in the past and what fees are associated with them in our Idea Center.

What if I know I want something but not specifically what script it is?

Either use our industry leading idea center or we can research and find a program which will suit your needs to a "t". Many times you will be surfing the web and come across a great feature on a competitors site. Problem is you have no idea what the script is called or what kind of script it is for that matter. We know, we do it all the time. We will see what you have found and get you something similar for your site at no additional charge... just the one time fee for adding the script and we will be on the case.

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Compatibility mode was introduced in IE8 and was a useful tool to correctly view a website if it was not designed with the newer standards of IE8 in mind. Without it many websites would not load correctly. However, because any site that Your-Web-Guys build for you will always be up to date using the latest standards it can actually have the opposite effect if turned on when not needed. If your website is not loading properly in Internet Explorer, but is loading correctly in Fire Fox or Chrome or other browsers, you probably have accidentally turned on the compatibility mode feature in Internet Explorer. Here are a few ways to make sure it is turned off. If your site still does not load correctly and you are sure compatibility mode is turned off then please contact support so we can take a look at the problem.

Click/tap on the highlighted (blue) Compatibility View icon button. (See screenshot below)
NOTE: The webpage will now reload with Compatibility View turned off for it.

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Google maps has changed their API access requirements.  Now you must have billing set up before you can use the features that google maps provides for your website.  This does not mean you will need to pay typically because when you enable billing, you get $200 free usage every month for Maps, Routes, or Places. Based on the millions of users using maps APIs today, most sites can continue to use Google Maps Platform for free with this credit.  Here is how you set up the account:

  • Part 1: set up your billing account
    1. go to https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/?apis=maps
    2. select maps only
    3. enter your domain name as the project name
    4. click "create billing account"
    5. agree to the terms of service and decide if you want to receive email updates, then click the button that says agree and continue
    6. fill in the requested information then click start my free trial
    7. once the billing account is set up, create new api keys
    8. on the "enable your api's" screen click next
    9. click on the done button to complete the set up
  • Part 2: Give Your-Web-Guys access to the api settings
    1. in the api console, click on the navigation menu button in the upper left corner of your screen (looks like three horizontal lines)
    2. go to IAM & Admin
    3. click on add in the upper left above the title "permissions for project..."
    4. enter the following email into the new members field

[email protected]

    • then select project > owner
    • this will send an invitation to us so we can administrate your api for you.

Thats all you need to do!  We will take it from there and make sure the api key is set up properly and is restricted from unauthorized use

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Google Analytics is a fantastic program that can help you make sense of what surfers are hitting your site, what they are looking at and where they came from and are going to. This is a quick video of what analytics can do for you and how it works. Every website that Your-Web-Guys builds has analytics built in from day one.

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