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On the front end of your website, a parent page will have a list of it's child pages displayed below the content in a formatted list which typically includes a picture, the title, a read more link, and a snippet of text from the content of the child page.  This tutorial will help you make changes to this list.

  • Make sure you are logged in to your admin area. Click here if you are not sure how to do this.
  • Click on the pages link on the left side menu in your admin area.
    • Beware that this list is paginated so if you have more than 10 pages total some might be on additional admin pages
    • You can navigate through at the top or bottom of the list on the right side.
    • You can also use the search form on the upper right to find the page you are needing to edit.
  • To Change the image next to the child page.
    • The picture is created from the first image that the system finds on the child page. Sometimes though this is not the best image to use for verious reasons. If this is the case you can specify an image for the system to use by adding a featured image which will be used instead.
    • To add a featured image we go back to the main list of pages on your website and then click on the title of the page you want to work with from the list of pages. Once the edit page feilds load, click on the set featured image link in the featured image pane.
    • When you do, the set featured image dialog box will open up. It is very similar in looks and functionality to adding an image to the content of a page or post. For detailed instructions on working with images you should watch the video titled adding media
  • To change the snippet of text before the read more link
    • By default the system will use X number of words from the beginning of your main content for this. However many times that text is not as precise or sisinct as you might want it to be.
    • To edit what is displayed we go back to the main list of pages on your website and then click on the title of the page you want to work with from the list of pages
    • Below the main content area there are various control panels.  Each installation is different, but all of them have a SEO Options panel by default in that area.
    • This panel is primarily for Search Engine Optimization which we will cover in a different tutorial, however the description field also effects the child list and what is displayed.
    • Add to this field what you want displayed in the snippet of text.
    • Click the blue button in the upper right that says Update and you will see that content displayed instead of the first few words of the page.
  • To change the order your pages are displayed


If you have any trouble with this process, please send us a support email we are always happy to help.

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