Getting Started (The Difference Between Posts and Pages)

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Now that you are logged in you will see the Your-Web-Guys Dashboard. This will show you a quick snapshot of information about your website. On the left side you will see several different menu options.  Each one does different things with your website, but for updating you will only need to deal with two of them most of the time. These are posts and pages.

The difference between the two is that posts are chronological in nature and pages are outside of chronology and higharcal. In other words a post is going to get old at some point in the future while pages have child and grand child pages in a hierarchy which are always visible.

Some good examples of posts would be promotions, events, and other news items.

Pages are more like what you think of as a webpage... an about us page or contact us page - information that should always be available no matter how old it is.

The most important question you should ask yourself is:

"is the information i am about to add time sensitive?"

In other words does it ever need to go into the archives or should this update always be available to people visiting my site no matter how far in the future it is.

If the answer to that question yes then your update should be a post. If not then it should be a page.

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