How to Add Slides to Your Promo-Slider

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The promo-slider is typically the first and largest thing visitors to your website will see.  That makes it the most important piece of real-estate you have.  To make use of this you should use your promo slider as exactly that, a promotional area.

Because promotions are, by nature, time sensitive, logically the slides should be attached to posts rather than pages or some other type of post.  So to begin, we will assume you know how to add and edit a post, if you do not please read the posts tutorial first.

Adding a new promotional slide

  • From any screen you may be working on, hover your mouse over the posts menu item on the left then select Add New from the menu items that appear.
  • Create a post about your promotion as you would normally.  Talk about who, what, when, and where the thing you want to draw attention is about.
  • Below the main content area you will see what is known as the dynamic panel.  Typically the default panel displayed is the SEO Options panel, but we need to load the promo panel.  Here's how:
    • In the upper left corner of the panel you will see a drop down menu next to a button that says "Load"
    • click on it and select "Promotions"
    • click the load button
    • The promo panel should load
  • In the promo panel there are several fields.  Each one does something specific.  The only one that is required to make a slide is the promo-image, the rest are optional
    • Please note: Each layout we use is different so your specific settings may differ somewhat from what is explained below.  Ask Your-Web-Guy for specifics of your website if you see something different
    • promo-image - This is the slide image itself.  There are two ways to select the image to be used.  You only need to use one method, not both.
      • The instructions for the field should have the specific pixel dimensions that your website uses for the promo-slider.  Make sure the image you use is at least those dimensions.  If it is larger, the system will re-size it.  Remember it will crop excess from the sides or top and bottom depending on if it is too wide or too tall.
      • The choose file button allows you to upload a new image from your hard drive.
        • When you click it a file browser dialog will open up.
        • Select the image from your hard drive and click open.
        • The file will be uploaded to your website and added to the media library.
        • The dialog box will disappear and a small thumbnail of the image you chose will appear below the choose file button
      • The media picker link allows you to select a file already in your media library.
        • Click on it to open a list of images in your media library.
        • When you have found the image you want to use click the "Show" link
        • In the dialog that appears simply click the "Use This" link next to the words Media Picker
        • The dialog box will disappear and a small thumbnail of the image you chose will appear below the choose file button
    • promo-link - this is used to create a "Read More" link on the slide
      • You can enter a web address such as which will link the Read More text to that web address so when someone clicks on it they are taken to that web page.
      • You can simply type the word "self" in this field to make the read more link go to the post you have created above.
      • You can leave it blank and have no Read More text at all on this particular slide
    • promo-float - how the text will be displayed on top of the slide image.  Select left, right, or center to have the text aligned in that way.
    • promo-text - the text that is displayed on top of the slide next to the Read More button if there is one.
      • This field has rich text formatting available which means you can add bold, italic, and other formatting to the text in this field
      • Keep it short, typically the text in this field is relatively large similar to a headline in a newspaper so be concise but descriptive to draw users to the read more link
  • Once you are happy with the settings and content you have entered, click the blue publish button on the upper right to make both the post and the slide view-able to your visitors.


Click here to see the tutorial on how to edit an existing slide

If you have any trouble with this process, please send us a support email we are always happy to help.

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