Optimizing a page or post for search engines

Once you have created your web page or your blog post in our CMS it is time to optimize it for search engine traffic.  If you have already determined what keyword/phrase you want to focus on then you are ready to use this tutorial.  If you have not, please click on the links in the previous statements to get caught up then come back here.

The thing to remember overall is that google (and all search engines) like repetition, but not copy and pasting.  This is referred to as keyword density.  There are lots of different opinions on what specific percentage you should use, but none are considered best practices and there is lots of debate as to which is the correct number.  We believe that when there is no consensus, you should use a rule of thumb.

The best rule of thumb would be to phrase your content in a way that might seem odd when read.  In other words, if you read your content and you think to yourself "if i hear dallas dentist office one more time i am going to loose my mind", then you are using it too often.  If you read your content and you don't notice the keywords at all, then you are using it too little.  If you read your content and you think to yourself "that is an odd way to write that" then odds are it is perfect.

In addition to that rule of thumb you also have the opportunity to add some keyword density through media on the page and the metadata contained within.  Below is how our system allows you to manipulate the metadata throughout your site with a simple recipe.

In the SEO Options panel, just below the main content area of the edit post/page dialog on your administrative back end enter the following:

  • in the first field, enter the keyword or phrase that you are targeting for this update.  Click here for help on how to determine which keyword/phrase to use
    i.e. Dallas dentist office
  • h1 field - write a sentence with the keyword or phrase in it.
    i.e. Dentists office in the Dallas Area
  • Description field - write another sentence with the keyword/phrase in it again, but rearranged this time.
    i.e. Great Dentist in an office in dallas
  • keywords field - this field is not really needed anymore.  Most search engines dont look at this meta tag because it was so badly abused in the past.  However, that could change at any moment so it is not a bad idea to use it.  It just probably wont make a difference any time soon.
  • seoblockquote field - Here you should enter a paragraph with your keyword/phrase in it a couple of times.  Remember to rearrange the words to make them different than before, but just a couple of sentences should do the trick


Once you have all that in place, your content is ready to be published.  Now all you need to do is figure out when publication would work best, here is what we suggest.


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