Working with Categories

Make sure you are logged in to your admin area. Click here if you are not sure how to do this.

Also make sure you are familiar with adding and editing posts

Because posts are chronological in nature, we have to know where the most recent ones should be displayed on your website and how to archive them.  This is done through categories.  Categories can be free form if you are using a blog on your website or you can use them to display different posts on different pages of your website, or you can use categories to do both.

How to add a post to a category or categories

  1. When editing or creating a post, there is a panel on the right side of the main content area titled Categories
  2. Each category you have used on your website will be listed with a checkbox next to it.
  3. Simply click on the checkbox next to the category you want the post to be displayed within.
  4. A post can be displayed in one or many categories, it is up to you where you want it to show up.
  5. The News & Updates category that is displayed on your home page is the default category if you do not select any others

Creating a new category

  • In the same Category panel as described above, click on the "+Add new category" link below the list of existing categories.
  • That will open up a text box for you to enter the name of the new category
  • you can select the parent category of the new one if you like, but this is not needed unless you are adding a new category to your blog.  Then it should be added as a child of the Blog category

Using categories to display posts on a specific page

  • News Posts
    • You can add posts onto any page of your website by adding it to the category named the page name plus the word "news".  
    • For instance, to display a post on the about us page, you would create or click on the category named About Us News.  
    • You might want to do this when your company wins an award or to display a post about a personal accomplishment on an individual's bio page if you have them.
  • In-Line Posts
    • You can also add posts to any page of your website by adding it to the category named the same as the page you want it to show up on.
    • For instance, a page named Board of Directors can list past boards of directors in a post category named  "Board of Directors"
    • You might want to do this for teams, memberships, or any other chronological item that is not exactly "news".
  • Blog Posts
    • Your blog is going to cover a wide range of topics.  To make sure your visitors can easily find the posts they are interested in your blog should be categorized.
    • You can add new categories to your blog by creating a new category as a child of the Blog category.
    • This will make sure your posts are displayed in the main blog page as well as any specific categories you might also want your blog broken into.


If you have any trouble with this process, please send us a support email we are always happy to help.

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