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What you need to know about Heartbleed

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Apr-11-2014  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Recently, a major security vulnerability named “Heartbleed” has made headlines around the world. This is a severe vulnerability stemming from a coding mistake in a widely-used security utility called OpenSSL. The bug affects the encryption technology designed to protect your s ... Read More
7 Powerful Facebook Statistics You Should Know for a More Engaging Facebook Page

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Mar-19-2014  |  Be the first to comment  |  

I found this post on the Bufferapp Blog.  It is full of great information about when and how to post to your social networks.  If you do not have Buffer set up to integrate your website with your social media ... Read More
We fix $10 haircuts

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jun-24-2013  |  Be the first to comment  |  

In Dallas, a cheap web design may not be the least expensive option. Here is a parable about a small town barber and what he did when he was faced with a lower priced competitor Read More
Answers to 8 Online Marketing Questions You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Feb-28-2013  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Editor’s Note:  Not all of us are internet savvy and when it comes to online marketing most of us are just dazed.  Have no fear.  The following article from Forbes will teach any old dog the newest tricks. The ... Read More
Marketing to Women? Keep These 3 Facts in Mind : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Dec-06-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Online marketing targeting women is more effective through social networking. Read More

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