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Why do website prices vary so much?

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Nov-07-2017  |  Be the first to comment  |  

In the first installment of this series, we talked about value and the fact that a website is a website is a website no matter what the cost to create it is.  In this article we will talk about why t ... Read More
Why Choose A Custom Website?

By: shelly  |  Jun-16-2017  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Take your business to the next level with a custom website. Read More
From Hero to Zero, Dallas Cowboys and the Sales Cycle

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Jan-05-2015  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Orlando Scandrick at the Dallas Cowboys training camp in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Sales, like football, is a psychological exercise.  The term "Hero to Zero" is used in many sales rooms at the beginning of the month.  As the sales manager ... Read More
What I learned about Sales by watching the Dallas Cowboys

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Dec-26-2014  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Dallas Cowboys 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This season has been a wonderful surprise for all Cowboys fans.  We have trudged through years of rooting for a team that is the very definition of mediocre.  But that all changed this season.  Though ... Read More
End of Year Checklist: Part 1 – Your Website

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Dec-16-2014  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Use Recommendations (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Make sure your website and marketing is ready for 2015 I recently did a presentation at one of the networking groups I am a member of.  Instead of talking about Your-Web-Guys and all the boring geek ... Read More