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Sell like a six year old

You have seen it before... the little kid with his mom at the grocery store asking her to buy him a candy bar while they wait to be checked out, right?  We have all seen it, but have you ever really watched what that kid does to convince his parent that they should buy it ...
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We fix $10 haircuts

In Dallas, a cheap web design may not be the least expensive option. Here is a parable about a small town barber and what he did when he was faced with a lower priced competitor
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God Bless Texas

Courtesy Lake Jackson Historical Editors note: Found this article about a town that just oozes that Texas way of doing things.  If you dont live here, you probably just dont understand, but for all of us native Texans... we do things our own way.  (pun intended) Read the full article here Where should you go ...
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