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Introducing Industry Specific Solutions

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Sep-26-2016  |  Be the first to comment  |  

For quite some time we have been developing websites for many different companies in all kinds of industries.  While doing so we have found that some industries need specific functionality in order to have an effective web presence. For example, ... Read More
Color-schemes in Marketing

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Oct-30-2014  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Editors note: This is an excellent article we found on by the author Gregory Gotti.  It is a great read on the way colors affect each of us differently and how there is no standard agreed upon set ... Read More
Marketing to Women? Keep These 3 Facts in Mind : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Dec-06-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Online marketing targeting women is more effective through social networking. Read More
Six Social Success Stories Worth Studying | Social Media Today

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Oct-09-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

The newest trends in online marketing are the social media outlets Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Video Genie, Instagram, and Pintrest. Read More
Google+ Launches Tools for Businesses

By: Head-Web-Guy  |  Sep-28-2012  |  Be the first to comment  |  

Google+ has all new tools for your business online marketing via social media. Read More

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