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Kiss your data goodbye!

Google Analytics is changing how it tracks data, and your legacy data is soon to be lost Incase you didn't know, Google is changing their analytics tracking system.  Google Analytics has been the industry standard for tracking who visits your site and what they do when they are there, plus a whole ton of other...
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End of Year Checklist: Part 2 – Your Marketing

Make sure your website and marketing is ready for 2015 I recently did a presentation at one of the networking groups I am a member of.  Instead of talking about Your-Web-Guys and all the boring geek stuff we do, I figured it would be better for everyone if I gave some helpful information instead.  After creating...
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Googlebot and Pinocchio: an SEO parallel

We all know the story... something man made wants to be alive.  Johnny 5 is alive!  Pinocchio wants to be a real boy.  Buzz Lightyear thought he was a real space ranger.  The android Data, from Star Trek, wants to be in love.  Rudolph couldn't play any reindeer games... and on and on. Okay, maybe...
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