Charlie Sheen Facebook Scam

This was sent to us through a source we use to keep track of things going on in the world of IT security.  It has nothing to do with your website (especially if we are Your-Web-Guys), however it is something that you need to be aware of so that you can save yourself and your facebook friends some time and headaches.

Begin Facebook Security Alert:

There is a new Facebook wall post scam advertised as "RIP Charlie Sheen found Dead at his House". This scam involves a wall post link within Facebook. If you click on the wall post link, you will open a FbVideo page that is designed to look like a YouTube channel. If you click anywhere on the screen, your Facebook account will be "click-jacked" and you will be spreading the spam message via your Facebook news feed. Clicking to play the video will open a security check screen asking you to please complete a 30 second survey to verify that you are human. The screen will also have the following wording "Customize Your Facebook With a Theme". Clicking on this page in any way will post the same message you clicked on to your Facebook wall and download/install malware on your system.

What to do if you have clicked on the wall post: If you did make the mistake of clicking on the scam message and completing the survey scam, you will need to check your news feed and ensure you are not spamming the message to your friends. If you are, you need to remove the item from your wall by clicking the small "x" in the top right hand corner of the post.

If you downloaded any software at all from the scam site, you need to update and/or install anti-virus software on your computer and run a complete scan. There is a good possibility that your system is now infected with a virus, Trojan, or some other malware.

If you have your Facebook feeds going to your cell phone and you clicked on the wall post link from there, then you should contact your carrier immediately to keep any charges from happening.

Reported by: 2nd Signal Center (C-TNOSC) Operation Center, “NETOPS Bulletin CT-2011-NB-0016 Facebook Scam Alert” (UNCLASSIFIED)

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