11 Fascinating Facts About Google Maps

Editor's note:  Google maps have come a long way.  As a necessary mapping tool or a sight seeing time waster it has become an almost daily part of many American's lives.  How do they do what they do?   Here is an article by  that shows 11 fascinating facts about Google Maps:

Whether you’ve planned a road trip, looked for an aerial view of your childhood home or searched for public transit updates, you’ve probably used Google Maps.

The free web mapping utility allows you to look at street maps, decide between routes, locate businesses and even navigate streets in 3D.But have you explored the satellite technology behind Google Maps? Do you know about the cameras on top of the Street View cars? Have you heard about something called a “Street View Trike?” Probably not.We spoke to a Google spokesperson to learn some fascinating, behind-the-scenes facts about Google Maps. Check out the gallery above — you’ll learn what it takes to bring interactive maps of the world to your computer.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Google.


To see the full article click here.

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