Monthly Archives: September 2012

Tips for a successful photo shoot

At Your-Web-Guys we approach your website's photography the same way we would if you were getting a professional, heirloom quality portrait made. Our goal is to create portraiture as individual as the subjects we photograph. Our tools include various styles, techniques, and settings that make each portrait a unique artwork. This is primarily for our...
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Responsive Web Design from Your-Web-Guys

Responsive web design or (RWD) is specific techniques and code that allows a website to display differently depending upon what type of device it is being viewed on without using a totally different set of html instructions.  In other words, a responsive website will generally look the same no matter what device is used to...
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QR Codes, Mobile Payments Especially Popular for Food Businesses

Editor's note: It seems that technological innovations are popping up everywhere.  We've seen QR codes, but what are they?  More importantly, how can you use  them to your benefit?  Kate Freeman writes how some businesses are cashing in on this new trend: "Is paper cash becoming a collector’s item like the Buffalo nickel? It would seem...
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