Monthly Archives: June 2014

Network like a laser beam not a scattergun

Recently we have been trying to increase our networking presence.  In the past this was a matter of hitting and finding business networkers in the metroplex which looked like they were active enough to spend the time and effort investigating.  It was a crap shoot to say the least.  Some groups were excellent, but...
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Free Leads are EVERYWHERE!

We have all heard of and various other lead sources out there, right?  Odds are you could open up your spam filter and see several hundred emails with new lead sources for you to try... goodness knows mine could be.  Every time i see one of those i laugh because almost all of them...
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Like the national debt, social media numbers add up quickly

Take a look at the little animated image above.  It is a three frame snapshot of what you will see if you visit the Internet in Real-Time page.  Okay so it isn't really pulling actual data from all of those outlets in real time, but it does give you averages as the page sits there.  They...
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