Like the national debt, social media numbers add up quickly

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Take a look at the little animated image above.  It is a three frame snapshot of what you will see if you visit the Internet in Real-Time page.  Okay so it isn't really pulling actual data from all of those outlets in real time, but it does give you averages as the page sits there.  They basically did the research (linked below) that shows how much... whatever is being passed for each platform each second.  It really is amazing how much information is being passed through these.  It boils down to this:

Each second there are:

  • 5700 tweets
  • 2314 hours of youtube video watched
  • 5787 google +1's
  • 4608 google searches
  • 52196 facebook likes
  • 182 linkedin searches
  • 1000 instagram comments
  • 238 pintrest pins
  • 13 reddit comments


Pretty amazing isnt it?  Watch the numbers go higher and higher as you sit there and it will boggle your mind.  Think about this... if you were able to get just a small percentage, lets say .005% of the numbers above - that's one half of one hundredth of a percent or five thousandths of a percent...

Each minute you would get:

  • 1710 tweets
  • 694.2 hours of youtube video watched
  • 1736.1 google +1's
  • 1382.4 google search results
  • 15658.8 facebook likes
  • 54.6 linkedin searches
  • 300 instagram comments
  • 71.4 pintrest pins
  • 3.9 reddit comments


Do those numbers sound like good results from your social media efforts?  If you said no then you need your head examined.

The point is that you can live very comfortably from microscopic amounts of interactions compared to the total numbers.  You don't need one viral video that gets millions of hits.  You don't need to create a meme that gets thousands of facebook likes.  You don't need a witty tweet that gets re-tweeted ten thousand times.  All you need is good, steady content on an ongoing basis that gets teenie tiny amounts of the overall numbers and you will be sitting pretty. All those numbers above are basically telling you, me, and any small business owner that you don't have to get a big chunk of the social media pie, you can easily subsist on crumbs.  That is good news too, because the odds of you getting a big slice, or even a small one, are very small indeed.

So don't be overwhelmed by the effort... just make it a habit to put out good content each and every day or week or even month and you will be amazed at the amount of good it does for your client acquisition numbers.  It will help with your attrition and repeat and referral business too.  You will be even more amazed at what it does to your bottom line if you just take the time and do it the same way you eat an elephant... one bite at a time.


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