God Bless Texas

Image: This Way, That Way

Courtesy Lake Jackson Historical

Editors note: Found this article about a town that just oozes that Texas way of doing things.  If you dont live here, you probably just dont understand, but for all of us native Texans... we do things our own way.  (pun intended) Read the full article here

Where should you go when you’ve lost your way?

Try Lake Jackson, Texas. One peek at the local map and you'll know you've found your way — and many more.

“We have This Way, That Way, Any Way, Circle Way, Parking Way, Winding Way and we have His Way, which runs behind a church,” says longtime city manager Bill Yenne.

About 50 miles south of Houston, Lake Jackson, with about 27,000 residents, offers lots of opportunities to give directions that sound less than helpful to a visitor.

“It’s not uncommon to give people directions that include some variation of, ‘Take This Way three blocks and make a left on That Way until you get to Any Way,’ which invariably provokes the confused response, ‘Which way?’ ” Yenne says. “That’s when you have to correct them and say, 'No, that would be the wrong way.’” (Abbott and Costello applied similar confusion to baseball with their hilarious sketch, “Who's on First?”)

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