Are you social?

We have all heard about facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.  But what in the world do any of those sites have to do with making you money or growing your business?

The Social Networking Revolution

The video above has some amazing information regarding the growth of social networking.  It is a bit long, but well worth it when you see the information it has.  One of the most striking things i took away from the video is the fact that social networking has surpassed porn as the number one online activity.  If you knew how much time is spent surfing porn online you would be astounded just like i am.

Top categories by revenue generated from Econs...What that means to small business

That means that your past, present, and future clients are probably spending a bunch of their time on social networking sites.  Why wouldn't you want to be in front of them when they are doing that?  There are basically three different stages to turning social networking into small business dollars.  Check back next week for a detailed explanation of that concept.

But its such a huge waste of time

Granted, it really is... especially if you do it right, but how much time do you spend networking with folks in person or buying ad space?  Spend a portion of that time doing social networking and the ROI will be very good indeed.  Plus, it actually gets to be a lot of fun 🙂

A quick list of social networking sites to look into

These are all social bookmarking sites. Check back in a few weeks to learn more about these

You can see a complete list here at wikipedea

Update April 2017

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