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The death of flash and its replacement by html5has been by far the biggest change on the internet recently. For those reading this that are not geeks, flash is the content on websites that have really detailed animation or smooth transitions.

Flash always had issues because search engines don't see any content that is in flash and it was difficult to work with so as web designers we had to be careful how it was used. Too much was not good for traffic but too little and the website was boring.

With the explosive growth of I-Devices such as the i-phone and i-pad, flash was doomed. I-Devices do not support flash... period. When it was learned that they never would and that they were not going away any time soon, the industry had to come up with a solution. Enter html5.

html5 is a culmination of new html code (the code used to make a website), new javascript libraries (the code used to make cool stuff happen on a website), and new CSS rules (stands for Cascading Style Sheetsand controls how a website's text and graphics look). With these new tools at our disposal, the web design world is producing fantastic flash-like websites with searchable and dynamic content.

Being so new, html5 has just started to shine. If your website is still using flash, give us a call to see what it would take to get you into the new and exciting realm of html5 - i will bet it will cost less than you think it will... if we are Your-Web-Guys

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