Don’t “sell”, Practice Sales – Like a Lawyer Practices Law

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An overview of online marketing. A simple graph that represents the major components of online marketing, including, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including RSS and Atom feeds, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Networking/Blogs and Social Netowrking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, like many of you, i have a hard time coming up with blog posts... well, not so much coming up with them, but making the time to write them.  I have lots of information to share, but where to start?  Add to that the daily rigors of running a business and it just gets pushed back further and further.  Thinking there has to be a way or a tool or something to help with this, i decided to simply google "what should i blog about".  Being a "Web Guy" you would think i would know to do so earlier, but again i say... sometimes you cant see the forest for the trees.

What i found was pretty simple - "write what you know" kindof information and while i already knew that, i hadnt actually thought about it.  I kept going back to online marketing or website design or social media type topics which are relevant to our clients here at Your-Web-Guys.  Each of those take a huge amount of research to go along with the knowledge so they take much more time than other blogs.  Then it hit me... as i say to all of our new clients, we are not geeks... we are business people or more specifically salespeople who live in a geek realm.  I should be blogging about who i am, not what i do.

So with that in mind, i will be beginning a new series here at the Your-Web-Guys blog which will feature posts about sales.  How to prospect, set appointments, overcome objections, and close the sale.  Keep an eye on the sales category in our blog or even subscribe to the RSS feed to see all the updates that will be forthcoming.  I might even throw in some more overarching articles about customer satisfaction and leveraging referral business.

Don't get me wrong... i am certainly not a "guru" of sales or even web design for that matter.  But I have been a salesman my entire adult life and with that 20 years of experience comes quite a few great techniques that i can share with you.  However, sales is an art form - similar to law or medicine in my opinion.  We are practicing sales when we work, not "selling" just like a lawyer is practicing law when he or she is working, not "lawyering".  Because of that, there are many opinions about different techniques and practices.  I hope to start a dialog with you out there sharing your opinions and thoughts on these posts.  Who knows... maybe we can get some guest bloggers who are more in the "guru" category.

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