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There are several pitfalls that small business owners fall into when dealing with their company's web presence. We listed a few below, but remember: the internet is still the wild wild west. There are very few standards and even fewer laws governing it. Buyer be-ware because your website is crucial to your business so make your decisions accordingly.

Make sure that any work you have done is yours and that the designer has no rights to it once you have paid for it. Far too often we hear horror stories about how business owners have paid thousands of dollars for a website only to find out that when they want to move to a different provider all of that money is lost because the website and/or code is proprietary.

Also make sure that the designer you are working with is not just someone who is doing web design as a hobby or side business. Again, your company's website is crucial to your bottom line and if you dont have someone dedicated working with you on it then there is potential for disaster.

Lastly make sure you own your domain name, or at the very least make sure your email address is the admin email address in your domains whois information. If none of that makes sense ask your domain registrar to give you that information, or better yet, make us Your-Web-Guys and we will take care of it and everything else your business needs to be online all the time.

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