Most website questions can be answered by knowing who your primary target is

8-questions-girl-300x2002We here at Your-Web-Guys get lots of questions when we are working with a new client build their website.  Everything from questions about how to get the surfer from point "A" to the final goal of "Buy Now", to what keywords to focus on for search engine traffic, to what color background to use in product pictures.  These are all very good questions and each one has a more nuanced specific answer than I can give here.  However the overarching theme for all of them is another question; "who is your primary demographic?"

Once you have honed in on that niche, you can then start to answer those other questions by walking a mile in your customers' shoes.  In other words, answer the question from their point of view.  So ask yourself, "where would they most likely see the buy now button?" or "are they more likely to share this product on social media if these icons were in another place?" or "what would my customers like to know about me specifically, not just my company or my industry" (see more on this topic in my post titled The problem with (and solution to) Blogging for Entrepreneurs).  Your answers to those questions are the answers from your target audience's point of view.

At that point, get with your web designer/developer/guy/gal and brainstorm with them to work out the specifics.  Using their experience and expertise, you can develop a great website design.  If you do it yourself you will miss all their knowledge.  Conversely if you simply leave it up to your web designer/developer/guy/gal to decide where to put things, the site will suffer from not having your knowledge of the target audience.  Both situations result in a less than perfect end result that might or might not achieve your goals for it.

Even if you do work with your web designer/developer/guy/gal using their and your own experience to produce (what seems like) a perfect result, you need to implement it, track it, and refine it over weeks, months, years - really the lifetime of the site.  Just like the systems you have developed for your company over the years where once you developed them  you tested them and refined them, the same is true for your website and it's content.  This is not a one time job.  It is another system for your business.  It is the online marketing system through which all of your other online marketing (and even most other, non digital, marketing too) goes through as a first step in the sales cycle.

Your company's website is the center of your marketing universe.  Take some time to think it through in the right way and you will see much better results in the future.

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