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Your-Web-Guys have been hard at work making your experience working with us as easy and trouble free as possible.  In that vein we have just introduced our new and improved client control panel.  Now all of our clients can not only see and pay invoices, but also request new services, update their account profile, and much more.  Read on to see all the new features:

  • New and Improved Dashboard.  When you first log into the client control panel, you will notice a new and improved dashboard.  This will show you your account overview as well as the current information we have on file for you.  It will also list the most recent support tickets and invoices you have and any invoices that are due or past due.  Lastly it shows you the Redo Every 2  status for each of the websites for which we are Your-Web-Guys.
  • My Services Section.  This is a brand new feature for our client control panel.  It shows you the services you currently have with us, when we started service, billing cycle, next due date and other important information you need.  You can also order new services, new addons to your current website, and see what is available to be added to your specific package.
  • Billing Section. The billing section is no longer just for invoices and receipts.  Now you can pay multiple invoices as once, edit your credit card information for automated billing, and even view the quotes you have asked us to give you.
  • New Support Section. No more sending an email and not knowing if it got through or what the status of your request is.  Now with our new support ticket system you can not only see and submit support requests, but also browse our searchable knowledge base for answers to your questions before you even ask!  You can also see and get any downloads that you may need for your specific service needs as well as see the status of the Your-Web-Guys network of servers.
  • New Projects Section. The most exciting new section is by far the projects section.  Now you can view the status of your projects at the click of a button.  If you need to give us information you will be notified as soon as the task is due.  When a task is updated you will get an email with the information right in your in-box and see the estimated time spent, time remaining, and percentage of completion each task is for your projects.
  • New Contacts Section. If you have multiple folks that we need to communicate with, now we can.  You can have your bookkeeper get invoices, your IT guy send and receive support tickets, your PR department order new products or any combination thereof.  All of your people can now work with Your-Web-Guys in whatever capacity you prefer.

To log into your account just put in your email address and password into the form on the bottom right of any page of our new website.

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