Thumbtack Q & A Series

Recently i learned about a new social site called - it is a site dedicated to local businesses for local customers.  We signed up (because, well we always sign up for things like this) and lo and behold, it started producing for us!  I was shocked, far too often things like this are just a complete waste of time for most small businesses.  So i figured it was time to leverage our listing and see if we could get more out of it.  The way you do this is to earn points through their website.  You get points for all kinds of things, but probably the easiest (for someone with the gift of gab, like me) is to answer pre-defined questions on their site.  While i was answering these questions to earn more points i realized that these answers would make great blog posts.

So... introducing the Thumbtack Q&A Series in the Your-Web-Guys Blog!

As i answer these questions over time i will be posting them on our blog as well.  Look for the Thumbtack Q&A category in the future and you might find some great answers to your web design questions!  Click here to see them all!

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