We fix $10 haircuts

a cheap haircut, like cheep web design may not be the least expensive option

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Did you ever hear the one about the small town barber near Dallas?  For years his was the only place to get a haircut in town.  All the folks who lived in this little town loved him and he had a nice thriving business.  Until one day a kid from the local highschool decided he was going to become a barber too.  Our hero didn't really mind the competition... after all it was a local boy and the town had grown to the point that there was plenty of business to go around.  So he decided to meet with the kid and give him some pointers.  At that meeting the kid was more than respectful and receptive to his wisdom and at the end of the meeting he asked the kid only one favor... "please don't undercut my prices".  He explained that he had charged the rate of $15 for a haircut for years and it allowed him to keep his shop open and provide for an income for his family.  On top of that, he explained, it is a fair price for a good haircut and that cheap haircuts are never any good.  The next day he noticed that the kid not only was opening a shop right across the street from his, but that there was a huge sign in the window that said: "Haircuts Only $10".  Undaunted our hero started work on the sign for his window... it said simply "We fix $10 haircuts".

You get what you pay for

I tell this story today because I have noticed many small business owners and especially non-profit groups around Dallas taking the cheap way out when it comes to their website.  All too often I hear someone I am meeting with say "my cousin's friend's brother's dog-sitter is a web designer and he said he would do it for $100", or when it is a non-profit group; "one of our volunteers makes websites and will do ours for $200".  It never fails that a few months to a year later I get a phone call from that same person saying that they had problems and now needed our services.  Even worse is when I hear that they are going to do it themselves with some free online website builder and they wind up making a "good enough" website and never get professional help at all.

This situation is truly unfortunate for many reasons.

  1. They wasted time: The company or organization that took the cheap way out now has spent hours and hours working on a doomed project
  2. They wasted money: They have spent the money (even though it wasn't much) on something that they ultimately cannot use
  3. They wasted opportunity: They are now starting from scratch on a project with us that we could have had finished and getting traffic all that time
  4. They lost money: The site that could have been completed by us months ago could have been bringing in new customers/donations during that time as well
  5. They lost customers: Your website is going to be the first impression many of your customers will have... what is the "good enough" website you had done on the cheap saying to your prospects in their first impression of your company?

The irony is...

In trying to save a few bucks initially these folks wind up costing themselves far more than what they saved initially.  If not in actual dollars and cents, but at the very least in their valuable time being spent on something other than the goals of the organization.  Your time is valuable, your money is finite, your prospects and customers are precious... make sure you are investing wisely on all fronts.  If not with Your-Web-Guys, then at least with some professional group that can help you make sure your investments of time, money, and marketing are smartly done.

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Very good first impression followed by a clean site and helpful support. Richard continues to be informative and adaptive to our wants and to tend to our needs. I believe in the weeks to follow we’ll meet our goals, then exceed them.

When the site crashed this afternoon (as all websites occasionally do), my phone call was answered outside regular business hours. They were already aware of the problem and were working on it. The site was down for a little over half an hour– not a bad response time imo.

And it has nothing to do with their competence or professionalism, but their office building is very zen

I have worked with several different web design companies just because of the line of work I am in, I can say without a doubt that YourWebGuys is the best! I have been working with them now for well over a year and have never second guessed their ideas, motive for the betterment of the company I work for, nor their pricing!

If I call Richard, he answers directly. And if I do have to leave a message, I get a callback within the day. An email sent to support is answered within hours!

I have learned so much from his team, and look forward to working with them for many more years.

When the Mansfield ISD Education Foundation needed a fast turn-around and professional service Your-Web-Guys delivered!! Your-Web-Guys helped our foundation design and launch a new and creative way for our parents and community to help us fund more terrific projects and get much needed resources into our classrooms to benefit children! This dynamic addition to our website seemed imposssible at first, but Your-Web-Guys made it a reality and now anyone in our community or the world can donate or contribute towards our innovative teaching grants. We agree that there are many other website design companies out there but we strongly recommend Your-Web-Guys for your website design and implementation.

I have found Your-Web-Guys to be professional, creative and very, very accessible when it comes to making sure my website is functioning just as it should. I strongly recommend this company for your website design and implementation.

There are many other website design companies out there and they promise a lot. But after talking with some of them I understood that their objectives did not include taking care of, or focusing on, small business. In contrast to that, I’ve found Your-Web-Guys to be geared to work with small and growing businesses

Ed Harrison

We needed a bold, effective and usable web page that attracted the customers we were seeking for our wedding and events venue. The process was easy and flexible and Your-Web-Guys was outstanding.

They were very knowledgeable and extremely patient. We have used web designers in the past, but Your-Web-Guys will be our designers from now on. And the page was done ON TIME!

Your-Web-Guys carefully listened to our corporation representatives as we discussed every element that we needed to incorporate into a web site. We had used other web designers, but none ever addressed future as well as present needs.

Your-Web-Guys accomplished a very successful design and we were VERY pleased with our experience and the end result.

Love Story Corporation