Monthly Archives: April 2011

5 facebook marketing mistakes small businesses make

Found this post on Mashable, very good information about how small businesses totally missunderstand social networking by thinking of it as an advertizing oportunity rather than a networking oportunity.  Remember step 1 in our social networking primer - just like at a cocktail party, nobody likes to talk to the guy that only trys to...
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Why Startups Need to Blog (and what to talk about …)

Was surfing around and found this fantastic article about the benefits of blogging even if you have nothing to blog about.  It also talks about how to find content that is relevant to your potential clients and what to do about getting them back to your website.  This is marketing gold to anyone who doesnt...
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God Bless Texas

Editors note: Found this article about a town that just oozes that Texas way of doing things.  If you dont live here, you probably just dont understand, but for all of us native Texans... we do things our own way.  (pun intended) Read the full article here Where should you go when you’ve lost your...
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