You must work with your web designer to get a good web design

There are many industries where you simply pay for a product or service and you get it without much or any input from you.  Obviously, cars and cell phones, but even services like car washes or house cleaning services are pretty straight forward.  However, there are many which are not.  Of course, a bespoke suit or couture dress takes a ton of input from you... ie bespoke, but even simple things like lawn mowing services take input from you to ensure you get what you want done the way you want it done.

If you don't tell the guy you want those plants that look like weeds (at the moment because they aren't flowering this time of year) not to be cut down then he will prolly cut those weeds (in his mind) down!

It is frustrating to pay for something and not feel like you have gotten your money's worth. Work with your web designers to ensure that never happens. They need your input to get you the results you want!

Even if he is good enough to know those aren't weeds, he might not know you want the grass to be cut very short or very long, the hedges trimmed back to a square shape rather than the round shape they are now, etc...

Most services are this way.

For some reason, many business owners feel like they can simply pay a web design shop like Your-Web-Guys and in a few weeks get a perfect website that conveys their message and culture without doing much more than writing a check.  I can understand the confusion, we work in the weird world of the geek that most business owners don't want to deal with much less to understand, but with any high-end service, you get out of it what you put into it.

A good web design shop should have a system in place that will walk you through what they need from you in order to get you the very best website they can make.  But it is imperative that you work within that system so that you can get what you paid for.  If you don't work within that system then your results will be less than what they could be.

For instance, we at Your-Web-Guys need three things from our clients to complete a website.  If any of those things are not provided we cannot complete our job no matter how much money we are paid.  The biggest sticking point of the three for most of our clients is the content.  Content is difficult, but it is paramount to everything else.  A well-designed website is nothing if there is no or poorly thought out content.  The best back end system in the world creates a lackluster website if the content put into it is not good.  It's the old adage... garbage in - garbage out.

If you get stuck, any web design company worth their salt will be more than happy to brainstorm with you and to help you get moving in the right direction.  We have put together a helpful set of FAQ's for content creation.   Some design shops will have copywriters that you can use but ultimately they can't do it as well as you can.  And they certainly can't do it at all without feedback from you.

You have invested money into the project, don't you want to get a return on that investment?  Take the time to partner with the folks building your website.  All any of us want to do is create the best website for you that we can - on time and ready to help your company grow.  However, none of us can do it without you.

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